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Trailing Clouds of Glory

1 May - 30 June


For French May Arts Festival 2024, Oi Ling Art Gallery has selected 4 outstanding local Hong Kong Chinese artists whose artworks focus on the subject matter of identity, origin, and the quest to find the meaning to life – ideas and philosophies previously explored by several of the French Impressionist artists, indeed both Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.

Both Fan Hong Bin and Tian Yan Hua are grounded in traditional Chinese ink techniques but have developed non-traditional colour schemes to help them express their spiritual thoughts on religion and ways to find inner peace.

Wing Chan and Cassian Lau by contrast, have an entirely different orientation. Wing Chan is a photographer. He uses his camera to capture the dynamic and different nuances of urban society. He then creates montages that speak beyond the aesthetic but also show the various rhythms and landscapes of an urban society. Similarly, Cassian Lau uses his art to comment on the different phenomena he observes in the modern world. Often his attention is drawn to the hypocrisy and shallowness of a society that focuses too much on materialism.  He uses black outlines, exaggeration and words to augment his artworks. His work is colourful, decorative, fun, and comedic.

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