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Tang YinJiu: The Rumbling

26 January - 16 February



Art of Nature Contemporary is delighted to present an exhibition by Tang Yinjiu on January 26, 2024. The opening will be held on 3pm on January 26, followed coal smashing performance art at 3:30pm, and artist talk at 4:30pm.Following the success of his previous exhibitions, “Faces” in 2018, “Object Performance” in 2019, “Garden, Reconciliation with the World” in 2022, and “Melancholic Iceberg” in 2023, Tang Yinjiu continues to explore themes and artistic expressions. Through poetry, novels, paintings, images, and installations, he presents significant features of embodied and intertextual creations.The concept of “Rumble” originated from the artist Tang Yinjiu’s own novel A Chair in the Air. “Rumble” (hōng/gwang1) represents both the crashing sound of heavy objects collapsing and the roaring sound of raging fires. To fall and to rise, rising into the air and dissipating into ashes, are not only the norms of life but also the most essential forms of existence. Through “Rumble”, the artist expresses the attitude towards life, which is exhilarating and powerful, uplifting, and decisive.This exhibition features a collection of over 30 paintings and video works. Most of the pieces use mixed materials, including plywood, old carpet, cloths and papers for wiping the brushes, lacquer and cement, cutting old paintings into fragments and reconstructing them into new works. In deconstruction and reconstruction, we will glimpse the idea of the Garden series that life persists, cycling endlessly. Tang also expresses his emotions and blessings for Hong Kong, where he has once lived, through this exhibition, “Hong Kong is a city with remarkable resilience, and it is regaining its strong vitality. I believe the people of Hong Kong have a deep connection to the sound of ‘rumble,’ and we look forward to seeing Hong Kong rise again.”


Tang Yinjiu, an artist, poet, and novelist, was born in Hunan in 1965 and currently resides in Taipei and Hong Kong. In 2018, he gained attention for his Hong Kong solo exhibition "Face" and was hailed by the media as a "pain aesthetic artist". His creations are considered by the academic community to have two major characteristics: systematic and intertextual - paintings and installations are often associated with his novels and poetry. I have held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in multiple locations.

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