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23 July - 31 August



Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present Play and Loop VI, the sixth iteration of our summer video screening program. The program will be divided into two scenes, each scene lasting for three weeks

Scene 1 | 23 July – 10 August 2024
Featured artists: Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong, Benjamin Li, Charmaine Poh and Yu Shuk Pui Bobby

Scene one of the program brings together four compelling works that delve into the intricate themes of identity, self- image, body politics, and the multifaceted meanings of home. Charmaine Poh’s and Yu Shuk Pui Bobby’s works discuss gender expectations related to queerness and femininity, drawn from personal experiences; while Benjamin Li and Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong adopt a detached and observational approach of phenomena and processes shaped by history and cultures. These works invite us to reflect on how societal standards, upbringings, and personal narratives intersect to shape our perceptions of self and belonging.

Scene 2 | 13 – 31 August 2024
Featured artists: Chu Chun-Teng, He Zike, Hsu Che-Yu and Santiago Mostyn

Scene two explores how our lives are shaped by geopolitical, historical, and technological contexts. It conveys vulnerability in an individual against a larger system due to bureaucratic inertia, humans’ collective dependency on technology, colonial migrations and intergovernmental relations. Hsu Che-Yu and Santiago Mostyn’s expansive lens focus on transnational power dynamics across different timelines. Chu Chun-Teng and He Zike’s videos capture the experiences of communities and individuals grappling with the realities of their living circumstances, using specific localities as backdrops.

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