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Hsiao Chin Memorial Exhibition: From Eternal Garden to the Bright Side

23 May - 26 July


Commemorating the one-year anniversary of Hsiao Chin’s passing, 3812 Gallery presents “From Eternal Garden to the Bright Side – Hsiao Chin Memorial Exhibition in Hong Kong.” The exhibition delves into a transformative period in Hsiao’s artistic development from the 1990s to 2000s, which marked the pinnacle of his creative journey. Through a retrospective lens, we bear witness to the master’s cathartic transformation from grief and loss to personal salvation and reaching enlightenment.

Following the heart-wrenching loss of his daughter Samantha in 1990, Hsiao embarked on a period of deep self-reflection and emotional restoration. Instead of perceiving Samantha’s passing as an ultimate end, he embraced the Buddhist belief in everlasting existence. For him, Samantha’s essence and spirit transcended the earthly realm, residing in an “Eternal Garden” beyond our physical senses.

Drawing inspiration from this belief, Hsiao’s art became a conduit between the celestial and earthly planes. Through a collection of works spanning the 1990s to the 2000s, including notable series like “Crossing the Great Threshold,” “Samantha,” “Eternal Garden,” “Force of the New World,” “Concerto,” “The Bright Side,” and “Samadhi,” the exhibition showcases the artist’s profound exploration of the interconnectedness between the temporal and the transcendent which is manifested through his dualistic approach in creating.

Hsiao’s dualistic approach is rooted in his philosophy and worldview. His compositions are a balance between void and substance, movement and stillness, Yin and Yang, strength, and fragility. Through his brushstrokes, he materialised the intangible life force of the universe, known as Chi, creating vibrant visual expressions that captured the vitality and spiritual luminosity he derived from the cosmos.

Hsiao’s paintings invite viewers on a contemplative journey, offering insights into the interconnectedness of all existence and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Through “From Eternal Garden to the Bright Side,” we pay homage to Hsiao’s enduring artistic legacy and his profound connection to the spiritual realm. This memorial exhibition invites visitors to explore their own spiritual landscapes, reflecting on the nature of life and death, the eternal and the temporal. Hsiao’s paintings illuminate the enduring power of the human spirit to transcend suffering and connect with higher realms of existence.


23 May
26 July
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3812 Gallery
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