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Strawberry, Stickymonger

House of Musea

28 January 2022 - 28 February 2022



As spring blossoms and green gardens flourish, celebrate the season of love and new beginnings as K11 MUSEA transforms into an art-filled English estate — the HOUSE OF MUSEA — reminiscent of grand garden parties traditionally hosted by royalty, but have in recent decades become a democratised affair for all to enjoy. It’s also at such affairs where people from all walks of life are able to exchange ideas and honour feats of creativity and service to the community.

In line with the strawberry confections long associated with the English social calendar, join us as K11 MUSEA indulges in springtime strawberry fever, bringing monumental strawberry artworks by Brooklyn-based Korean artist Stickymonger to the Opera Theatre as she questions the very idea of originality and uniqueness with her seemingly adorable creation.

Visit our House to traverse the splendour of our photogenic Garden Pop-up offering a flurry of knowledge and creative exchanges; a variety of delicious strawberry treats; and a celebration of inspiration.

Unveiling the First-ever Strawberry Installations from Brooklyn-based Artist, Stickymonger – Strawberry Stalker
28 January 2022 onwards
G/F Opera Theatre & 2F Gold Ball

A major highlight to kickstart this season of festivities is Brooklyn-based Korean artist Stickymonger’s giant surreal strawberry creations. Renowned for her otherworldly and dreamlike murals, illustrations and digital art, Stickymonger is recognised for her seemingly child-like portraits of young female characters that are often contrasted with darker, gloomier settings that challenge perception and representation. Her works have been showcased in solo exhibitions in the US, Dubai, Japan and Shanghai.

This is the first time Stickymonger has expanded her Strawberry concept from the two-dimensional and turned it into a three-dimensional, monumental art installation. The strawberry itself is a metaphor representing the aspect of our digital-led lives where we are blind to our own lack of uniqueness and originality, yet still convinced that we’re each individually unique and original. The female characters of Stickymonger’s artwork represent collective humanity: ever so aware that the “strawberry” is present and embracing it, and even co-existing with it. With these strawberry artworks, Stickymonger’s vision is to get people thinking whether their thoughts are really their own.

Sweeten Your Day with K11 MUSEA’s Top 11 Seasonal Strawberry Delicacies
7 to 28 February 2022

Embark on a strawberry-infused journey where the luscious fruit is interpreted in various artistic and delectable ways – from the traditional Wimbledon must-have of Strawberries and Cream, to luxurious afternoon tea sets, illusion cakes, freshly baked pastries and artistic coffees. Get ready to be swept away in the world of heavenly strawberry treats!

Relish in the Amazing Colours of Spring at the Garden Pop-Up
28 January 2022 onwards 6F, K11 MUSEA

Scenes from history show how the grandest royal estates opened up their gardens for people to share confections and conversation among manicured lawns, rolling hills and delightful tree groves — a tradition of English gardening that bends to and enhances all of nature’s best features for all to enjoy. This contrasted to the sublime, symmetrical gardens of French tradition that began as early as the 1650s at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, the first landscaped garden as we know it today.
Whether by decisively moulding nature or working with it, expanse gardens have become synonymous with thoughtful enjoyment by all. In recent years, traditional English Royal garden parties have even become largely democratised to include charities, members of the gentry and the general public as a show of appreciation and thanks for a year of hard work.

Inspired by the creativity, design and craftsmanship from history, the HOUSE OF MUSEA presents a contemporary and picturesque Garden Pop-up where one could easily be lost in the world of a romantic garden. Plunge into the lavish greenery offered by
fanciful hedges and topiaries, and beds of roses, hydrangeas, delphiniums, lavenders and peonies.
Adding on an extra flair to the festivities, a fascinating array of workshops by the K11 Kulture Academy will be hosted at the Garden Pop-up. These cultural happenings include live oil painting, flower arrangement demonstration and cocktail hat making.
Slated to open in mid-February, the Garden Pop-up will also stage weekend market pop-ups that bring artisanal sweet and savoury bites, plus a host of arts and crafts purveyors all offering handcrafted items celebrating the romantic season of spring.

Immerse in the Sounds of Romance
To complete your stay at HOUSE OF MUSEA, you can also sway to the love songs of every era — from Bridgerton soundtracks to classic ballads by Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday and hits by modern crooners such as John Legend. The HOUSE OF MUSEA celebrates the season of love and new beginnings with a playlist that transports you to a sweeping romance of your own making.


28 January 2022
28 February 2022
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