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Green Wave – Wave One: Upon a Flow

6 November 2021 - 4 December 2021



A.m. space is devoted to promote local art scene. We are honored to invite 6 talented artists for this coming exhibition “Green Wave”. Taking off in November, they will pair up into three groups to exhibit their artworks until February 2022, including “Upon a Flow” by Dallas Lee and Manny Yip, followed by “A Candle burning on Both Ends” by Miu Leung and Hayson Wong, and the last wave “Memory has Non Return” by Natalie Chu and Harrison Tso.

The first wave will be Upon a Flow by Dallas and Manny; recalling childhood memories, they connect childhood wishes with the adult world. In their innocent yet melancholy brushes, they depicted hopes and feelings to the society.

The second wave will be hold in mid-December by Miu and Hayson, naming after the unpredictable and ridiculous incidents the artists have faced in life, A Candle burning on Both Ends portrayed the ups and downs in their experiences in society, work, friends and family.

For the final wave, Natalie Chu and Harrison Tso will end the exhibition with Memory has No Return. Derived from their studies in texts, the former studied the local folklore whereas the latter explored on the contemporary culture in lyrics, signs and graffitis. Exercising calligraphy, gongbi(工筆) and ink wash painting, they create art full of local culture.

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