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Elephant in the Hat

11 July - 12 July



Artbridger, the next-generation online art platform, is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition “Elephant in the Hat” from 11th to 12th July 2024. Curated by Cyrus Lamprecht and co-presented by Artbridger and 6 partnering galleries, the exhibition will feature a curated selection of over 50 compelling artworks by emerging Asian artists.

The exhibition will explore human imagination by engaging guests in a transformative experience of the world of Le Petit Prince. Through a diverse array of artistic mediums, the exhibition invites visitors to transcend the limits of the literal and embrace the transformative potential of the mind’s eye. Just as the young child saw an elephant enclosed within the boa constrictor’s body, the works on display challenge us to look beyond the surface of the tangible and uncover the hidden wonders that lie within.

The narrative emphasised the importance of reconnecting with the imaginative spirit of youth. Imagination is celebrated as a fundamental element of the human experience by empowering us to explore seemingly unattainable concepts, which gradually become realised in tangible forms. Through this exploration of imagination as a wellspring of creativity and innovation, the exhibition underscores its pivotal role in driving humanity forward. It is this visionary capacity – to envision which does not yet exist, turning once unthinkable dreams into tangible realities. Visitors will immerse in an enchanting ambiance where floral aromas permeate the air, while the captivating melodies of music gently fill the atmosphere.


Artbridger is reimagining the art gallery experience through providing access to an untapped network of emerging Asian artists. Our mission is to surface high-potential emerging Asian artists to the global art scene and support their growth journey. Our platform enables artists to submit and list their artwork to distribute to our esteemed collector base. To ensure the art on Artbridger is both relevant and highly collectable, we have built a growing curator network comprising of a diverse group of art professionals to vet and endorse all artists and artwork on the platform. Our curator network also provides insights and commentaries on artists and artworks to enrich presentations and help guide collectors’ buying journey. We believe the high-quality curation and educational contents on emerging art appreciation set us apart from other art platforms.

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