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Déjà Vu on One Perfect Day

30 May - 3 August


Part of the 2024 Open Call Exhibition, the exhibition is curated by LEE Jihyeon and features the works of three talented artists: LEE Seung Hoon, CHOI Kichang, and KIM Suyeon.

All three artists work with some kind of story that lie beneath their visual artworks. In each unique way, the artists pass through the past and present of art, and travel in between their original works and unfinished works.

The feeling of “I think I have already seen it” may be a default when appreciating art. The title of this exhibition directly shows this three-dimensional sense of “I have already seen it”. This phrase is from the lyrics of the song “I AM” of the K-pop group IVE. Through the exhibition, we dream together of facing the aesthetic “déjà vu” on “one perfect day”. Afterall, that dream will come true for all those who love art

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